Welcome on board our time machine.

Our time machine has taken us forward towards the end of the century so we imagine the impact our suggested changes could have on three of Yorkshire's typical but different households.  

Aunt Doris:

Aunt Doris was widowed about 5 years ago. She felt as though her whole life had fallen apart when she lost Uncle Jack. She then had an opportunity to move onto the cooperative managed Bridge End Co-housing complex. She is well looked after there, secure, and has a new spring in her step, with lots of activities going on to keep her occupied.
The complex has its own mini sports hall, Doris is a regular visitor each Tuesday and Thursday morning, when she meets up with her friends for a good natter, goes swimming or plays indoor bowls.
She is also the secretary of the welfare committee; this keeps her mind active, and she continues to feel of use as she can give something back to her community. She still misses Jack but appreciates that life could be a lot worse.

Harry and Amanda:

Harry was a homeless heroin addict in his late teens.  After overcoming his addiction he was unable to find a suitable job for a quite a while and as a result struggled with depression to the point where he had started having suicidal thoughts.
Harry now works at a local cooperative that produces eco-friendly appliances. Following training, he is a chargehand in the production team there. This is a huge life change for him. He enjoys the work and receives a good income from the cooperative.

He and his wife, Amanda are renting a house on the new Broadacre Estate in Rotherham. The estate was built on the site of an old electricity station that had been an eyesore for years. The cooperative where Harry works also manages the Broadacre Estate. Its members wanted to develop a nature friendly environment for their residents.

The estate could very easily be mistaken for a wildlife park with an orchard, wildlife pond, wildflower garden, bug hotel, and number of bird boxes scattered around the area.

They have a 4-year-old daughter, Amanda says this is the perfect place to raise children. Our daughter loves building a den in the bushes and watching the hedgehogs and bunny rabbits, she gives them all names. It is thrilling to see her play.
Harry is now feeling much better, more relaxed, and valued. He has his say where he works and in the management of the estate where he lives. Life is now great for him.

Annie and her niece Janet:

Annie has been elected as an independent Member of the Yorkshire Assembly, she finds the role the most stimulating and exciting thing that she has ever done, and a responsibility she takes most seriously.    

However busy, Annie still finds the time to visit her niece Janet and Janet’s new-born baby once a week. They live near Appletreewick about 40 miles away. Janet works from home for a Leeds based firm of international accountants while still looking after her baby.

Annie rarely uses her car anymore but catches the bus instead to visit Janet, the fares are cheap, and the service is both convenient and reliable.