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We hope that you have found this site interesting, we simply wanted to offer our vision for Yorkshire for the remainder of this and the 22nd century but these are only our ideas.
We are just as interested to hear what you have to say. Yorkshire is as much your region as ours, after all. So - let us get a discussion going!
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Miichael MULVEY (IC-UK Outreach Coordinator)
7 months ago

The Independent Constitutionalists UK (ic-uk.org.uk) are fully behind you. Yorkshire could conceivably become a « showcase » example of semi-autonomous regional self-governance which other English regions might be only to glad to follow. Germany and Switzerland already do it. There's a distinct whiff of change in the air and the time may soon be right for the English regions. Michael MULVEY

Simon Duffy
7 months ago

Yorkshire needs to start talking about its own future. This is a great initiative to help people explore our vision for the future of Yorkshire. I want us to be able to make our own democratic decisions - locally and regionally - to build fair and inclusive communities where citizenship for all can really flourish.

Richard Honnoraty
7 months ago

It is good that the members of the Assembly would represent their constituents, first and foremost, irrespective of party loyalties. At present MPs, more often than not, represent party over the people that actually elected them.