An inspiring Yorkshire

We want a Yorkshire that inspires its residents, where people are able to think for themselves', are creative, and encouraged to lead  meaningful lives, but how do we bring this about?

  • First it's important that we treat each other with dignity and respect despite our backgrounds or different personal characteristics related to our race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion, belief, age, or marital status.
  • It is about being fair. Recognising that different groups of people have different needs and aspirations and ensuring that all of us enjoy fair access to the new economic opportunities available in our society, and that housing, public services, and amenities reflect the needs of all.  
  • It is about thriving city centres that are safe and clean.
  • It is about having the appropriate structures in place for involving people in the decisions that affect their lives and community.
  • It is about a new kind of economy that redirects wealth back into the community and grasps the opportunities new technology offers in making changes to our work patterns.
  • It is about adopting a more cooperative way of life.
  • It is about treasuring our landscape, respecting, and living in harmony with Yorkshire’s natural habitat and allowing ourselves to be inspired by it on a daily basis. 
  • Most importantly, it is about caring for each other and the world we leave behind for future generations to inherit.